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Mover & Shaker: Cory Barkman: Furniture Maker, Industrial Artist, Visionary

“I can’t make useless art, it must be useful, so I make pieces that are used in the home.”

Cory Barkman enters a relationship with his client, co-creating the features and themes with them before designing and creating their unique piece. “I am not a fabricator. As the artist they trust my ability to design the piece for them.” A Calgary based Industrial Artist that works with salvaged metal and reclaimed wood, Cory uses his own fabricated parts, to create award-winning, functional art, like lamps, tables, clocks.

Drafting Table Hand Drawing

“Though salvaged, these components are by no means derelict or unsafe to use. I strive only to use components and methods of construction that will ensure the high quality of finished work that my clients and supporters have come to expect from me.”

Guided by intuition, each unique piece evolves to discover a story of time and place, the character of its origin materials imbuing it with qualities such as strength, grace, balance, endurance, and time. He notes that each object he transforms not only carries with it a history, but also a future, representing all that it can become.

Cory Barkman

The Industrial Revolution Table $26,000 (sold)

 When designing and constructing the pieces, Barkman seeks inspiration from the original object, creating exciting new shapes. As well as re-adapting objects he explores both the use of metal and wood, maintaining the values of a fine craftsman, placing functionality at the core of his work.

Those interested in working with Cory to create their own unique piece will find it hard to view a portfolio of work on a website, but I was promised  the new website coming soon, Facebook is the best way to see more of his work and to contact him. His work is commissioned, so you can expect to pay an appropriate amount ($2,000+) and a lead time of at least two weeks. Please contact him via email at

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