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Home is what the heart is

We’ve all done it, and we know that it’s wrong. We live a lie,

hoping no one will find out. The lie: living in a house that doesn’t reflect who we are.

How do  you know if you are suffering from this horrible malady?  It’s draining and no one feels comfortable, you are constantly moving things around, making impulse purchases that pile up in a closet. You clutter your space with the newest “thing”.

Or your home looks like a magazine spread – like no one lives there.

When you give yourself permission to live in a home that tells your story, your everyday “stuff” adds to it. The books you are reading are on the coffee table, your shoes sit next to the door, the morning coffee (left unfinished on the table), and the handprints on the cabinets tell a story: your a parent who loves to learn.

When you design your home to reflect how you want OTHERS to see you, you loose your authenticity, your special sauce isn’t really yours and other’s can feel it.

You know what I’m talking about, you’re in someone’s house and you sit rigidly on the front 1/3 of their couch cushion – ramrod straight waiting to be told where to put your glass of water.

As Oprah says, “We all have a story to tell”. Whether you are aware of it or not you tell part of your story visually, with your  home.

Think of it as a painting, your canvas is the house – the structure inside and out, along with your yard. Your paints are what you put up, not only color and textures, but THINGS, your couch, your TV, your coffeemaker, the plants you plant, the pool you install – they ALL say something ABOUT you. All you have to do is decide what to paint with.

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