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Mover & Shaker: Linda Rottenberg

So you know when you realize that the people you think are awesome are actually connected?

On Thursday morning I watched 5 minutes of the Today Show, because Linda Rottenberg was on. Anyone who’s anthem is “Crazy is a complement” is my kind of person!

And she was AMAZING, stating that you don’t need a business plan to start your own business (which I think is totally right). But she stated it a few minutes after her co-guest had just stated that you HAD to have a business plan and money to start. It wasn’t that she disagreed, it was HOW she disagreed. Gracious, confident and firm.

Linda-Rottenberg-443x295So who is Linda? “I’m the founder of Endeavor, an organization that mentors entrepreneurs worldwide. I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, many of whom have created multi-million dollar businesses that employ thousands of people. And I’ve seen other entrepreneurs fall short of their goals. But I’ve learned from all of them. So I’m writing a book about what I’ve learned from these big thinkers.”

What is Endeavor? “Endeavor has been hailed by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman as “the best anti-poverty program of all.” And he called Linda a “mentor capitalist.”

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world, taking entrepreneurs from startup to scale-up. To date, Endeavor has screened more than 30,000 entrepreneurs and selected 766 individuals leading 476
high-impact companies.”

linda2SO you would think that someone who works with such high powered people all around the world would be pretty disassociated with the solo-entrepreneurs, right? Not really. (She is still the “crazy is a compliment” lady). She is crowdsourcing for the title of her forthcoming book! (vote here:

What makes her a Mover and Shaker? She is considered one of the world’s most dynamic and respected experts on entrepreneurship, business opportunities in emerging markets, and leadership for the new economy.

She’s pioneered the field of “High-Impact Entrepreneurship,” the global phenomenon of using high-growth business to transform economies. Headquartered in New York and Silicon Valley with 15 affiliate offices throughout Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

If that doesn’t make you a M&S I’m not sure what will!

*Apr 08 - 00:05*

If you want to hear more about what she has to say, visit her website BUT keep in mind that it’s been written in corporate speak. You’ve GOT to hear her speak if you want to really get into her amazingness.

Oh and btw – the amazing connection between awesome people? She’s married to Bruce Feiler, writer of one of my favorite books, Secrets of Happy Families.

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