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Products you’ll love: Containers

This week we are finishing up our a great barn conversion project in Millbrook. It’s been an amazing project  – full of ups and downs that make life interesting.

Last week we finished the furniture and lighting, added the pillows, throws and rugs. Stepping back, my newest (and greatest!) Intern asked me, “What’s next? Are we done?”


What’s missing?
CONTAINERS of course! I asked my good friend Scott Zimmer (from Zimmer Gardens)to show us a few examples from projects he’s completed so far this year.

See below? The difference between the two is IMMENSE.





I love containers. They are PERFECT for people with limited space, or limited time, or limited knowledge. They are great way to add a  great deal of COLOR, INTEREST and PIZZAZ into a space that’s generally drab.

There are about a million and one websites, DIY examples and coaching experts that can teach you how to create one yourself. There are contractors and artists (like Scott) that can create one for you.

However you do it, just make sure you add one to your own space. They create little bursts of life and joy.

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2 thoughts on “Products you’ll love: Containers

  1. Yes, I love container gardens. I consider them like an artists sketch book entry. Texture, color…the idea of something bigger but can stand by itself! But the best thing is to mix floral an edible….and yes they can be moved around as well, like a garden on wheels!

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